Realizing Design Pieces in form of Modern Art Sculptures.

Tijdloze objecten, die totale schoonheid afspiegelen.
Kranen zijn een juweel geworden in de badkamer.
Dit is het product van constante ontwikkelling die Badini toevertrouwd aan Architect Marco Pisati.
Het doel waar na wij streven is het creeŽeren van een nieuwe Badkamer stijlen.

Marco Pisati

designer fascinated by new materials and technologies, Marco Pisati experiments with new design ideas reaching into the most extreme and diverse fields: from the aerospace, designing the interiors of zero G inhabitable space modules for the Italian Space Agency (ASI), down to the "nomadic" Earth landscape, designing the first example of an interactive nomadic office space (Motorhome ACI 2002) Invited to expose his works at the Leopolda exhibit space in Florence (Deep Inside / Image 2003) he showcased with Grado Zero Espace Company, a leading brand in the field of space textile, the prototype of an astronaut jacket in Diaplex, a shape memory fabric. He collaborates with different companies as: ASI, Alenia Spazio, Iacsa, Grado Zero Espace, Oerlikon Contraves, Iguzzini Illuminazione, ACI, Luminex, Bandini Rubinetterie, and Evology.
Marco Pisati



Soon the updated catalogue will be online

Soon the updated catalogue will be online

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